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Envisioned to be the best online invoice accounting software that is GST compliant, HIAccounts has been successfully launched in Malaysia in 2014 and is ready to make its mark as India’s leading accounting software that can change the way small and medium businesses approach their accounting process. Take a look at a comparative analysis of HIAccounts traditional accounting software and you will agree that the time has come for change. A time to switch to HIAccounts.


Only a basic knowledge of Accounting . No training.

Saves time and money

Works both offline and online.

Compatible with any device- Mobile, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet.

Creates a Sales/Purchase invoice in just 30 seconds and 3 simple steps

Facility to store data in device or sync with cloud

Successfully tested and proven to be GST compliant in Malaysia

Inbuilt Chart of Accounts saves time

Easy to use Dashboard with multiple menus

Notifications and alerts on, cash, and budget variance prompts real time action

Taxes CGST, SGST or IGST is auto selected based on the source of supply

The software is Dynamic, any changes in tax structure reflect easily

HSN & SAC codes are easily accessible and integrated in the software.


Thorough Accounting knowledge and training are essential

Imposed additional cost & time

Works only offline.

Works only on desktop.

More time spent creating sales/purchase invoice.

Data is not secured and will be lost in case of any viral attack.

No prior experience

Needs to be created and is time consuming.

Missing in the Traditional software.

Real Time decision making is not possible due to the lack of reports on stock, cash and budgets.

Risk factor due to manual intervention. Any errors may lead to additional interest and penalty

Delayed process because of the wait for patch and upgrade

HSN and SAC code has to be searched for and entered manually